As the end of 2017 approaches…

As the end of 2017 approaches it’s time to start thinking about our Customer of the Year for 2017.

Will it be you? It could be, especially if we worked well together during the year in critical areas like:

– communication

– responsiveness

– bid feedback

– problem resolution

We earned work from over 250 commercial general contractors and building owners in 2017. So we have lots of good customers to appreciate.

In addition to recognition, we find ways to support a charity or non-profit of our Customer of the Year’s choosing.

We’ll be announcing our 2017 Customer of the Year by the end of January, 2018, so stay tuned!


Fortune Cookie Fun

We Want Your Wisdom in a Fortune Cookie!

Submit your best (or worst!) pieces of advice.  Then all of us here at CE Contract will choose which ones to feature in real fortune cookies.

We’ll share the cookies – and the advice inside – with you and all our customers in the commercial construction business.

Don’t fret.  If your fortune makes the cut, we’ll notify you and give you full credit for your inspiring wisdom!

Submit your ideas here or at our Facebook page.

Hearts & Hammers 2017